Welcome to my studio...

Nature has influenced my art in all the medias represented. Here you’ll find natural paintings, photography and graphics of landscapes, seascapes, flowers, wildlife, sunsets and waterfalls.

The abstract sculptures of stone and wood were created in harmony with its properties.

Pen and ink drawings depict the struggles in history of this great nation, America. The Civil War, Indian Conflicts, World Wars 1 and 2, Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East conflicts are all represented.

For those who have an open mind and want to explore places that are beyond the earthly bounds I have created alien landscapes which might be interesting.

One of my latest offerings include greeting cards of nature, which includes waterfalls, seascapes, flowers, wildlife, sunsets, chakras, om, Buddha's, yin-yang, shiva and shaman animals.

These are samples of my art, please feel free to explore my travels and adventures.

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Please Note: We only ship to the USA and Canada